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Fresh Food Education & Training

Who are MEAT Ipswich?

MEAT Ipswich are a National Training Organisation with over 35 years’ experience, delivering high quality training in the fresh food and meat industry.

MEAT delivers certificates, awards, intermediate and advanced apprenticeships, food safety and hygiene, HACCP and nutrition training to businesses, international students and individuals all over the country.

We aim to continue to grow, but we do not want to be a big company. We want to be the best in our chosen market and continue to meet the needs of our customers.

We aim to provide

  • A satisfactory return on our investment;

  • Enjoyable and satisfying employment for our staff;

  • A due contribution to the community.

We aim to

  • Conduct our business in an honourable manner in accordance with the spirit of the law;

  • Pay due regard to all moral principles.

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