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Information, Advice & Guidance

Information, Advice & Guidance at MEAT Ipswich

Information, advice and guidance (IAG) is an umbrella term for support that helps our learners make informed choices about education options. 

MEAT Ipswich have put together a variety of resources that our learners may find useful.

MEAT Ipswich Newsletters

MEAT Ipswich create quarterly newsletters throughout the year, which are issued to learners enrolled onto the apprenticeship.

UK National Helpline List

MEAT Ipswich have put together a national helpline list that learners may find useful. We cannot guarantee the advice or help given from these organisations; they are listed purely as a means of contact to recognised organisations within the UK, for those who are in great need at this time. Click on the images below to view their websites.

Mental Health


Sexual Health


Substance Abuse

Bereavement Support

Healthy Eating

Meat Industry Career Opportunities

The meat and poultry sector of the food business is a significant employer in most parts of the UK. There are opportunities in abattoir/processing, manufacturing, catering butchery and wholesale sub-sectors, as well as the familiar independent and multiple retailers. The retail butchery area is just one of a number of career openings. 

Today there are hundreds of different jobs involved in the food business, preparing, processing and marketing the quality of food products demanded by today's consumers. Below are a variety of different careers within the meat industry.

Other Helpful Websites

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